Android Magazine

It is tough enough to develop apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices, not to mention, the apps need to be approved by the company before they are allowed to be featured on the App Store. And recently, a Danish media company that publishes a magazine on Android platform, is the latest one to be rejected.

Apple has rejected a magazine app from Danish media company, Mediaprovider. It isn’t at all surprising that apps on content of competing platforms would be rejected by Apple App Store, though for the Danish magazine app, Android Magasinet, it was due to its exclusive content on the Google’s Android platform.

However, there are other Android news app available in the App Store like Androidworld Reader, and other apps about other operating systems. Mediaprovider’s iPhone Magasinet and Gear magazine apps that deal with information and news about the Apple iPhone are both available for download from the App Store.

Apple also bans apps that contain adult content even though they could be educational.

Source: PC Magazine