Fullscreen capture 5122011 104922 AM.bmp Angry Birds available on Google Chrome

You probably heard of, or even have played the popular mobile game Angry Birds on your mobile device. Well, good news for those who do not have a smartphone or tablet device; Angry Birds (Beta) is now available on the Google Chrome browser!

Fullscreen capture 5122011 105656 AM Angry Birds available on Google Chrome

Fullscreen capture 5122011 105922 AM Angry Birds available on Google Chrome

There are two versions available, Standard Definition (SD) version and High Definition (HD) version for the higher end computers. Gameplay is similar to the mobile version except that you will need to use the mouse to hold and drag instead of touch and drag. 

You can install the google chrome app from the chrome web store or simply go to the link directly. And it also works on some other web browsers like Internet Explorer 9 too.

Source: Rovio