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Angry Birds is now free for iOS

From its release back in 2009, Rovio's Angry Birds has been a force of nature in the casual gaming marketplace, being one of the all-time best sellers in just about every platform it was released for.

Almost immediately upon its release in December 2009, Rovio's Angry Birds video game has been a top seller, that eventually led to a spawning of a mechanizing empire that includes everything from plushy cushions to cartoon series.

Even at $0.99, Angry Birds has made Rovio a very wealthy company, and the Angry Birds franchise continues to maintain its popularity through new levels and variations of the game.  All the touchups and updates have helped to keep the game at the top of the download leaderboards.

Now, if you happen to be one of those rare people who haven’t played the game yet on your iPhone or iPad, you'll be happy to hear that Rovio is making the game free for the iOS platform. With this drop in price, the iOS version will be on par with the Android version which has always been free. This leaves just the Windows Phone as the only platform charging for the game.

If the drop in price isn't enough, Rovio has also announced that they have added 15 new levels to the original game.

via Slashgear

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