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Angry Birds Seasons Crashes Into Android Marketplace And iTunes App Store

Love it or just plain hate it, it is virtually impossible to deny that the insanely popular game known as Angry Birds has been very successful at costing millions of users around the world their ability to concentrate at work or in school. And of course, Rovio does not plan to stop there: the developer has just released a new version of the game which seems dead set on costing users the chance to enjoy quality time with their families this Christmas. Not that it is a bad thing, of course.

Fact of life number one: there can never be too much of Angry Birds. Fact of life number two: any news about Angry Birds is almost always good news. And with Rovio’s latest release of the wildly popular smartphone game, it appears that one thing is certain: life without Angry Birds today is almost unbearable.
Of course, that might sound a little too extreme, but it does not change the fact that Angry Birds is the one game title which has managed to take the world by storm (while disrupting our concentration at work in the process). And today, it seems that our motivation to work during the festive period is about to meet a severe setback: Rovio has just launched their new, Christmas-themed version Angry Birds in time for the holidays.
Gameplay-wise, Angry Birds Seasons is perfectly identical to its non-seasonal predecessor, save for a few cosmetic differences. To keep in line with the Christmas spirit, much of the landscape has been replaced with snow, snow balls are available for use as projectiles, and some of the ugly pigs now sport Santa hats instead of tin helmets. Of course, those pigs are still going to be your main antagonists in Seasons, so don’t expect them to be distributing Christmas presents any time soon. That is, unless they offer to sign a peace treaty and return the stolen eggs. And we all know what the outcome was.
But there’s more. Apparently, as an act of goodwill, Rovio is also making the Halloween version of the game available in Seasons as well. This essentially means that users are getting two games for the price of one. But since Seasons is already a free download, it might be more prudent to say that users will get both games for the price. However, this only applies to Android users. iOS users will only get Angry Birds Seasons for free if that had previously purchased the Halloween version of the game. If not, the full price of $0.99 stays, but will come with the Halloween version bundled within as well.
The game is already available for download from the Android Marketplace and the iTunes App Store, so Android and iOS users can hit their respective app repositories and start downloading away. 

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