In a sale that surprised even the most ardent Apple fans, a working Apple I was sold to an anonymous buyer for a record amount at a recent auction held by German technical-antiques specialists Auction Team Breker.

Those of us in the tech industry might joke about the "Apple Tax" that people are willing to pay just to own some of the finest computing hardware around, but a recent auction held by German based Auction Team Breker for one of the remaining 200 hand built Apple I computers puts that 'tax' to shame.

Experts in the field expected the pristine Apple I computer, hand built by Steve Wozniak, to have a fetching price of $150,000 to $250,000. However, the final price caught everyone by surprise when the final bid of $630,000 took it way past the previous record selling price of $374,500. That previous record was set at a Sotheby's auction in New York earlier this year.

The original Apple I was released in 1976 and sold, without keyboard, housing, display, or power supply for the price of $666.66.

There is no word at this point as who the lucky new owner might be.

via Techspot


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