HTC’s first plastic-made flagship device in a long time is inching closer to reality, according to reports out of China, and its final market name might be One M8 Vogue Edition instead of M8 Ace.


When rumors emerged that HTC was considering a cheaper-looking, polycarbonate flavor of the all-metal One M8, no one really took the alleged “Ace” seriously. But whispers grew to rumbles, photos of the handheld started appearing, and China’s FCC equivalent confirmed it beyond the shadow of a doubt, also exposing additional images starring the phone and its freakishly large front speaker grills.

Now a new, clearer, smoother, press-friendlier picture is here, reportedly designating the “One M8 Vogue Edition”. Kind of a mouthful, and a somewhat ironic moniker, as we thought HTC deemed aluminum, not plastic “vogue”.

But hey, we’re more interested in the thing’s internals and pricing anyway, so whatever works for HTC’s marketing department works for us.


Expected out on June 3 (so soon?), an ETA backed by the Asian publication that brought this latest render to light, the Ace, or Vogue, should essentially keep the standard M8’s hardware intact while lowering the financial bar to roughly $480 on Chinese turf. Sooo, $450, $500 tops stateside.

Another theory is the looming fashionista-oriented gadget will shrink M8’s screen to 4.7 inches, but still feature the state-of-the-art quad-core Snapdragon 801 chip and 2 GB RAM. Either way, that’s a lot for so little cash, so personally, I’m definitely interested.

Particularly as the speaker grills no longer look so awkward, and on the whole, the Vogue is virtually an M8 trapped in a plastic body. With a single 13 megapixel rear-facing camera. Pretty dreamy, huh?

Source: Ifanr


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