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Another rare Apple I computer up for auction, may fetch around $500,000

A 1976 Apple I computer, which is a very rare machine, has been listed for a Christie’s auction. Bidding is expected to go as high as $500,000.


Christie’s auction house will be starting proceedings for this rare computer next week, the bidding will start at $300,000. The computers were designed and developed by Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, which is just one of the reason why it is expected to go for almost half a million dollars. They build around 200 units, each one was sold back then for $666.66.

Last year, the Sotheby’s auction house sold one unit for $374,500. Just last month, a German auction house sold one for a record breaking $671,400, the record in question was set by one unit that was sold for a full $640,000 in November last year. So its safe to assume that the unit at Christie’s will be auctioning will fetch half a million U.S. dollars, if not more.

Only the Apple motherboard in this unit is original, the storage device, monitor and keyboard are said to have been added later. The unit is owned by 70 year old Perry, who didn’t actually pay for it back in 1979 or 1980 when he traded it with the actual owner. Now it will sell for a fortune.

Source: [Yahoo!]

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