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Another Sony Xperia flagship (D6603) surfaces, benchmark shows it packs S800 CPU

It seems the D6503, aka “Sirius”, is not the only unreleased high-end Sony handheld in testing, as a D6603 has been benchmarked through AnTuTu with an evolved Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU beneath the hood.


How many flagship smartphones can Sony release in one year? We’re about to find out, as the Japanese are apparently prepping to dish out follow-ups for both the Xperia Z and ZL in the next month or so. And 2014 is just getting started, meaning Sony could break last year’s record of four (Z, ZL, Z1 and Z Ultra). Five if you also count the ZR.

The kicker is neither of these sequels fits the profile of a full-fledged Z1 successor. So yeah, five sounds like a low number.

The D6503, following in the footsteps of the ZL (aka C6503), is tipped to measure 5.2 inches in diagonal, swap Z1’s standard Snapdragon 800 SoC for a slightly zippier MSM8974AB unit, bump up the RAM to 3 gigs and preserve everything else the Z1 had to offer.


Meanwhile, the D6603, whose model number links Xperia Z’s alias (C6603), looks even more underwhelming, replicating D6503’s specs to the letter, save for the 3 GB RAM, downgraded to just 2.

Well, that’s confusing. How could ZL’s rehash best Z’s? It has to be an AnTuTu typo for the D6603. Unless the tipsters were wrong about the D6503. Either way, and assuming no one messed with the world’s most infamous mobile benchmarking tool, the D6603 is a Full HD big guy, packing 2.3 GHz quad-core MSM8974AB punch, Adreno 330 graphics, 16 GB storage and a 20.7 MP rear-facing camera.

So another Z1 doppelganger with a small speed injection. Boooring! I mean, for crying out loud, it runs the outdated Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (though that’s probably due to the tested model being an early pre-production unit or something).

Sources: Xperia Blog, AnTuTu

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