The interior of the Antec GX700 is relatively roomy, more so than a standard low-cost ATX case, yet not as roomy as several popular (and quite more expensive) gaming cases. Nevertheless, the GX700 should easily fit high performance components, such as Extended ATX motherboards, up to dual watercooling radiators and GFX cards up to 29.4cm long (assuming that their power connectors are facing sideways).  The motherboard tray forms a very large opening behind the CPU, allowing the installation of large CPU coolers without the need to remove the motherboard from the case. For aesthetic purposes, Antec sprayed the entire interior of the GX700 black and there openings for routing cables to the back of the motherboard tray, which openings however have no rubber grommets installed; nonetheless, these aesthetic enhancements will mean next to nothing unless you acquire a version with a windowed side panel.

Antec supplies the GX700 with three fans installed from the factory, two 140mm fans installed at the top panel of the case and one 120mm fan at the rear side of the case. All three exhaust fans are rather typical black models but also have black wires and connectors.

The expansion slot covers are reusable and their openings form a unique pattern. Each cover is held by a typical thumbscrew but there also is a plastic cover, even if for just hiding the screws alone.

Each full size 5.25” device can be locked in place with these well designed plastic rotating locks. Unlike with most other budget cases, Antec installed locks at both sides of the device. If one plans to install non-typical 5.25” devices, such as LCD panels, fan controllers, watercooling tanks and similar equipment, the locks can be removed and typical screws can be used. 

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