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AOL working on a Google Reader alternative, enters private beta

A few months back, Google announced that they will shut down one of its most popular services – Google Reader – permanently. This news came as a shock to most of us who relied on Google Reader to read the news from the internet. Since then, many developers have managed to launch their application that may be classified as Google Reader alternatives. It has been revealed that AOL is planning to launch a Google Reader alternative, AOL Reader.


The service is currently under private beta. We did try to enter our email for an invitation code but it didn’t do anything nor did we receive any confirmation email about subscribing to the list. But one thing is for sure, the company is working to launch a tool that may become the future home of all the lost Google Reader users.

The sneak peak on the site mentions that AOL Reader will be fully customizable just like Google Reader. Users will be able to view their subscriptions as a list or card view with an image. Most importantly, it will allow users to import their entire data from Google Reader using the OPML file.

The company that made the most out of the imminent demise of Google Reader is Feedly. They managed to attract a huge user base since the announcement, and recently, they went all cloud and quit relying on Google Reader API. Digg is another company who entered the arena with their own reader that is working under beta as well. The service is expected to launch on June 26th to all users, free of cost.

There is no date or announcement about the launch of AOL reader, but it is expected that they will launch the service before the demise of Google Reader on 1st July. All we can do right now is wait and see if the service can really be considered as a true Google Reader alternative.

Source: Engadget

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