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AOpen AX4SG Max II “Prescott Ready” Review

AX4SG Max II uses Phoenix AwardBIOS and under Advanced Chipset
Features, you can manually tweak the settings for various DRAM timings like TRAS,
TRCD, TRP and CAS Latency to deliver best stability and performance, AGP
Aperture Size, On-Chip VGA settings as well as Performance Boost Engine.

You can enable up to 32MB frame buffer shared with the system


The BIOS sports a nice Performance Boost Engine which is
Performance Acceleration Technology(PAT)-like feature. You can set it to Turbo
for best performance where the performance can be comparable or even outperform
a 875P Canterwood chipset, Fast mode for a mix of performance and stability or
Disabled to behave like a typical 865PE / 865G board.


The BIOS offer 100 to 400Mhz FSB in 1MHz intervals which is
more than sufficient for any overclockers.


The BIOS has the ability to change the multiplier too if your
processor is unlocked and the range is from 8x to 24x.


The BIOS allows up to 1.6V VCore for Prescott processor which
is sufficient for air cooling.


A nice AGP voltage increment up to 1.875V


To provide additional DRAM stability, the BIOS offers up to
2.85V VDIMM.


AOpen’s SilentBIOS technology controls noise level before OS
boot and let you check out the current temperature of CPU and the heat inside
chassis as well as voltages.

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