4 DDR-II RAM slots that supports Dual Channel Nemory.. Unlike the Aopen i915Gm-HFS
mainboard, this board does not come support for DDR 400 RAMs.

The board can function with both a 24pin and 20pin Power supply. The picture
above shows a CPU mounted on the board as well.

Onboard headers for legacy ports such as the communication ports and printer
ports are present onboard, incase they are needed by users.

A single PS2 connector for keyboard is available onboard via a PCI bracket.

4 SATA ports, an IDE port and a floppy port is available on the board.

The Chrontel CH7307C-DEF and CH7021A-TEF chipsets providing S-Video and HDTV
connectivity onboard.

HD Audio supported by Intel Azalia and Realtek’s ALC880 codec found in the
picture above.

Here, we see a Marvell 88E8053 PCI-Express Gigabit LAN chip providing Gigabit
LAN connectivity for the mainboard.

Firewire 400 is found onboard provided by this Agere FW3226-100 IC.