AOpen Ryou Art PC

Technology does not necessary have to look dull. And Taiwanese manufacturer AOpen’s answer to that is their new stylish small form factor PC, called the Art PC, as listed on their website. We expect more information about the Art PC soon.

For a long time, high technology products had nothing to do with art, culture, or traditional handicraft. In recent years, however, some 3C brands have been trying to combine their designs and concepts with fashion brands or to create their own luxury brand. Examples are Vertu mobile phones and Acer Ferrari notebook PC. These products combine high quality materials with special design to make them very special and expensive products, but they lack an important thing – a soul.

These extravagant products are outstanding in terms of material and design – some of them are even handmade. You need to wait at least one month after you placed an order for the Vertu phone, but Vertu phones are still mass-produced. There will always be someone who will own the same Vertu phone as yours; the only difference is the serial number. And this is not good enough for some collectors – they need a more unique products with an artistic touch and soul.

Every human has different characteristic and unique features; therefore, unique products would possess unique features as well. Artists have their way to animate none-living things; Leonardo da Vinci gave life to Mona Lisa using his painting skills and Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni crafted the famous sculpture David out of a stone. A real masterpiece must be given a soul by a great artist with outstanding handicraft skills.

To perfectly fusion technology and art, Universal Roaming Inc. and AOpen Inc. proudly present the Ryou series Art PC. Every Art PC is handmade by a Japanese master and sports unique features. Your Art PC is just like you – the one and only.

Source: AOpen


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