The interior of the chassis is the same for the EY65 and EX65 since all the
components used are the same. This is how the interior of the XC Cube looks like
with its housing and drive cage removed. The cables are well routed and secured
with cable ties which makes it neater and easy for users.

Both EY65 and EX65 comes with an AOpen 220W switchable PSU
(FSP220-60CU) that consists of a 80mm fan to draw heat from the PSU components
as well as the heat within the chassis. The right-angled molex power connector
are certainly most welcomed as it helps to save some space.


AOpen has specially designed a cooler for their XC Cube series. The heatsink
consists of a full copper base with silver thermal pad below and also long
vertical fins to conduct heat away from the copper base quickly. A 70mm fan is
attached to the side of the heatsink to draw cool air from the left side of the
chassis and propel the hot air from the fins out of the chassis from the right
side. The 4 retention clips can be easily hooked on and secured to the mounting
brackets that makes cooler installation a breeze.