iphone41 Apple 64GB iPhone 4 prototype spotted

A prototype 64GB Apple iPhone 4 has reportedly been leaked from Foxconn factory in China, but don't expect to see it on retail shelves soon. It could just be a phone for test purposes and not for sale.

iphone41 Apple 64GB iPhone 4 prototype spotted

While Apple has yet to announce the new iPhone (which may be called iPhone 5), it seems that a prototype of a 64GB iPhone 4 has been spotted at a Foxconn manufacturing plant. According to a Hong Kong-based website, you would notice that the phone (above picture) has its storage capacity and model number marked with "X"s.

iphone42 Apple 64GB iPhone 4 prototype spotted

The prototype phone claims to be running iOS 4.1, and not the latest version 4.3. Regardless, it is unlikely that Apple will go mass market with a 64GB iPhone 4 as it is probably too expensive, and that the new iPhone 5 could be announced soon. The current Apple iPhone 4 comes in 16GB and 32GB configurations.

Source: Apple Insider