Apple has gone into a deal with patent holding company Access to license out several patents, including some that Steve Jobs once said were worthless.

Apple has struck a deal with patent hold firm Access according to a document published on Access’ website. The deal involves licensing patents to Apple, including several patents originally filed by Palm, Bell Communications Research and Geoworks. This comes as a little curious considering some comments previously made by Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs had told a former CEO at Palm that the company’s patents were “not that great”, and that Apple had chosen not to acquire the patents for sole use on the iPhone, because they had little or no value.  Of course, one can’t say that the patents are all that valuable now anyway, since Apple acquired the licenses from Access for $10 million. That amount is a lot to you and me, but to a company like Apple, which is valued at $140 billion, it isn’t very much at all.