Apple and Intel are currently in a race, trying to hire the same former Texas Instruments engineers from Israel.

Apple intends to build a new R&D center in Ra’anana, Israel, and is thus looking to hire some engineers. A group of 250 employees from Texas Instruments' Ra’anana development center were conveniently let off recently, and so Apple decided to offer them jobs. The engineers were mainly working on TI’s OMAP and radio chips. When Intel found out about this, they decided to hire the same engineers before Apple could get to them, hoping to put them to use in Intel's R&D centers in Haifa, Jerusalem, Petah-Tkva and Kiryat Gat.

As incentive, Intel is offering “healthy compensation packages” to those who come to work for them instead of going to Apple. Apple, meanwhile, is rumored to be planning an interview day specifically for Texas Instruments employees. Apple is planning their new Research and Development center for the end of 2013, but unless they can hire the engineers, the center won't be able to open.