Has your Apple Time Capsule stopped working unexpectedly? If so, you may qualify for a replacement. But try not to get your hopes up too soon though: this replacement program is only available for units sold in 2008, and even then, is limited to certain models bearing a small range of serial numbers. You have been informed.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if hardware failures came with such notices instead of a BSOD?

Ever so rarely, Apple issues a replacement notice informing customers that a certain product has some flaws or defects which may cause it to fail prematurely. This time, the object on the chopping block is its Time Capsule, a storage solution used for wireless backups.

According to Apple, a certain batch of Time Capsules have problematic or failing power supply built into the unit, and may be the cause of Time Capsules either completely failing to boot up or shutting down without warning soon after they have been powered on.

However, not just any Time Capsule is elligible for the replacement: Apple’s support website claims that only Time Capsules produced within the year 2008 and bearing a serial number within the range of XX807XXXXXX – XX814XXXXXX are susceptible to having a faulty power supply, while those who owned an affected unit and have already spent money on repairs or replacements are also elligible for a refund.

Unfortunately, the delivery service mentioned in Apple’s support page is only valid in the US or Japan, so affected customers from all other countries will probably have to make the trip down to an authorised Apple reseller themselves to make the exchange.

Apple also states in its support page that data recovery options are available for those who need to transfer their data into a new Time Capsule, although we think that it might be better (and faster) to just take a screwdriver to the unit, extract the hard disk manually and perform one’s own data transfer with a Sata-USB cable.

Oh, and one last thing. That OS X crash windows up there? It’s a fake.

Source: Apple


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