Apple CEO Tim Cook has issued another public apology; this time around it’s a statement showing remorse for not treating its Chinese consumers well enough.

Consumers in China have been voicing their concerns over Apple’s repair and warranty policy for several weeks now. Previous reports focused on Apple not replacing defective products with brand new ones in China.  Angered by the unfair treatment, Chinese consumers became more and more boisterous about their dissatisfaction.  The feud then escalated even further when Chinese celebrities began to bash Apple via social networking.

In the company’s apology statement, Cook says the company has heard the concerns of its following and is expressing “[their] sincere apologies", and has vowed to correct the wrong.  So from now on, defective iPhone 4 and 4S will be fully replaced if it’s still under the 1 year warranty period.  Cook went on to say that Apple will offer better and clearer explanations of its warranty policies from this moment on also.