Apple App Store is giving away popular apps and games on their iOS platform as part of their 5th anniversary celebrations. Fire up your iOS powered device and get downloading free goodies now.

Apple App Store 5th anniversary

This Monday marks the beginning of Apple’s celebrations for the 5th anniversary of the App Store which debuted back in 2008. While the actual anniversary is on the 10th of July, these could be the pre-anniversary celebrations. Well, we have no complaints of course, free apps and games cometh, we download-eth! Here’s a list of a couple of free games and apps currently available on the App Store as part of the celebrations.

As of yet, Apple has made no official announcement explaining all the free apps and games on the App Store, but if this is indeed what we think it is, get ready to see more games and apps up for grabs in the next few days. Keep an eye out.

There are more games and apps which are also being given away for free, we just haven’t discovered them yet. In case you do, post a link in the comments and we’ll add it to the list. Off you go now, get downloading.

Source: TheVerge