Apple new iPad

Owners of the new iPad in Australia who feel that they have been misled about the device's 4G broadband capability, may soon be able to get a refund from Apple.

According to Apple's senior counsel Paul Anastassiou, the company has proposed refunds to customers in Australia who feel that they have been misled about the new iPad's 4G broadband functionality. Apple will also publish clarifications on its website and at sales outlets with regards to the incompatibility of the new iPad with 4G network support in Australia. Anastassiou also said that the company has never claimed the new iPad would work fully on existing 4G network operated by Telstra Corp, and it had been widely reported by the local media ahead of the iPad launch that it wouldn't be compatible.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, or ACCC, has lodged a complaint at the Federal Court in Melbourne, accusing Apple of false advertising about the new iPad's 4G+Wi-Fi being able to work in Australia.

Source: Wall Street Journal