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Apple budget iPhone design details leaked

There are really no "budget" gadgets when it comes to Apple branded products, but as the mobile market is becoming more and more competitive, Apple has to adapt to maintain its position as one of the global leaders in mobile technology.

Apple, for a while now, has maintained its position as the top “premium” maker of mobile gadgets.  However, as smartphone technology becomes cheaper and more readily available for the masses, it’s only logical that Apple has to adapt to the shifting trend.

According to rumors, Apple is currently developing a budget iPhone that is a cross between the iPhone 5, the iPod classic, and the iPod touch 5G.  Budget iPhones in the past usually refer to previous-gen smartphones from Apple, but that won’t be the case any longer.

Just like how Apple launched the iPad mini to compete with tablets like the Kindle from Amazon and Google’s Nexus 7, the upcoming budget iPhone is also aimed at budget conscious consumers.

The design of the low-end iPhone, according iLounge, will compose mainly of plastic materials.  Apple’s trademarked Retina display as well as the Lightning docking connector will grace the dumbed down iPhone.  It won’t be as sleek as the current iPhone 5, as the budget iPhone will be slightly thicker and wider in dimension.  The budget iPhone will look almost identical to the iPhone 5 from the front, but in the back it will look more like an iPod classic (flat back and side surfaces with curvy edges connecting the sides).  Control buttons like the volume and vibrate switch will also see some changes in the new iPhone, as Apple will do away with the circular volume button in favor of the elongated “pebble” button style. 

While no one knows for sure how much the new budget iPhone will cost, it’s plausible to say that it will cost 30-50% less than the latest iPhone—taking into account that the 16GB iPad mini costs approximately 34% ($170) less than the 16GB new iPad.

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