Apple launched the Cards app and service for iOS back in 2011 when it announced the iPhone 4S. The company has now confirmed that this app and service both have been discontinued.


There weren’t any stats available regarding the popularity of this service. Basically, users could create custom letterpress cards through the app and then have them printed and shipped, all of this was done through the app. Printing and shipping was handled by Apple, so to create and send custom cards, users just had to stick to the official Cards app. It appears that the service wasn’t exactly a hit, perhaps that’s why Apple has decided to discontinue it.

It was rumored at first that the company might be discontinuing the service, but Apple soon sent out a confirmation which put all of the rumors to rest. The company says that cards that were ordered before 1 PM Pacific time on September 10, 2013 will be delivered to the recipients, and the senders will continue to receive push notifications. From now on, the app won’t be available for download and those who already have it on their devices won’t be able to create and send custom letterpress cards through it.

If you still want a way to create custom cards, Apple suggests that you use iPhoto software for Mac. Sure it might not be as easy to create and print through iPhoto, but its the only alternative that Apple offers.

Source: Apple