It was recently reported that Apple might open additional retail stores throughout Thanksgiving, but CEO Tim Cook has vetoed the plans.


Thanksgiving, which is followed by Black Friday, sees an incredible rush of customers who are looking to buy their favorite products. Apple makes some of the most desirable products in the world, and surely it can move a lot of units during the holidays. However, opening additional retail stores would mean that employees would have to be away from their families on Thanksgiving. Tim Cook didn’t go with the plans created by Apple’s retail directors because he wants retail employees to be with their families throughout the holiday.

Back in 2012, Apple opened three of its retail stores in high volume markets throughout Thanksgiving. The iconic Fifth Avenue store in New York City, one on the Las Vegas Strip and one on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii catered to shoppers. If the retail directors had been able to push the plan through, the company would have opened additional stores in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland and more.

By opting to not take part in the holiday shopping rush, Apple joins other retailers such as Nordstrom and Costco who won’t be opening their stores on Thanksgiving. Other retailers like Macy’s, Kmart, Sears etc have already detailed plans to open stores throughout the holiday and they have already been criticized for keeping employees away from their families.

Source: Benzinga