It has been consistently rumored that supplies of the recently announced Retina iPad mini are going to be severely tight at launch, Apple CEO Tim Cook seems to hint at that possibility as well.


Since before its official announcement, analysts had been predicting that due to poor yield rates of Retina display panels, the Retina iPad mini is likely to be in short supply in this particular quarter. Supplies are expected to ease up in the first quarter of next year, but before that, its not a pretty picture. The fact that Apple still hasn’t announced a concrete release date for this tablet also points to the possibility that the company is facing issues with the supply.

During the earnings call yesterday, when asked about Retina iPad mini supplies, Apple CEO Tim Cook says its still “unclear whether we’ll have enough for the quarter or not,” though he quickly followed up by saying that the company will know exactly how much supply it will have. The question obviously remains if Apple will have enough to meet demand, and since its tricky to predict demand prior to the launch itself, its too early to say if Retina iPad mini supplies will be able to cope up with the demand.

Cook also mentioned in the earnings call that the Retina iPad mini is going to be shipped “later in November,” essentially repeating the same thing that was said at the October 22 iPad event. Recent rumors suggest that Apple might start taking Retina iPad mini pre-orders on November 1.

Source: Engadget