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Apple continues AppleCare changes by providing in-store screen fixes


In a change that should please Apple customers, the company will now be replacing broken or defective iPhone 5 screens in store.

Just under a month ago Apple Insider reported that Apple was expected to enact major changes to their AppleCare protection plan services. The changes were aimed at having the retail stores themselves be more involved in the repair process.

One example that seems to have already begun happening across Apple retail stores is the replacement of screens in-store. This marks a change from the past where rather than replacing the screen they would just take your phone and give you a refurbished one instead, so it’s a welcome improvement for those who want to keep their device and just get their screen fixed.


Apple Insider also reports that this change along with others that Apple hopes to make to the protection plans will provide the company with savings of approximately $1 billion per year. This makes sense considering it’s more expensive to offer a completely new device  rather than just repairing the single component that is broken.

The savings seem to be passed onto consumers as well because instead of paying $229 for the phone swap, you’ll end up paying less to fix your phone’s issue. One big change that is also brewing is the introduction of a subscription model that will offer protection for all your Apple devices, rather than having to buy AppleCare for each device you own.

The final note in the report is that Apple will also improve their online assistance. All in all these sound like very positive changes for Apple customers that also benefit the company.  It’s looking like a win-win situation for now.

Source: MacRumors Via: AppleInsider

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