According to a report by the Wall Street Journal (and by the less reliable Digitimes), Apple might be working on a less expensive and lower spec little brother to the iPhone.

According to the WSJ, Apple is finally going forward with a plan which they have been considering for years: producing a low cost and lower spec version of the insanely popular iPhone – a sort of iPhone lite.

The phone, which would resemble its superior flagship version, would be subjected to certain differences in order to lower consumer costs for the product. Among these, the WSJ specifically mentioned the possibility that the phone’s frame would be constructed using polycarbonate plastic rather than aluminum. 

The iPhone has never numbered among the more affordable phones since its debut in 2007, a trend which continues to this day. Back then, an 8 GB version was no less than $599, and a 16 GB version of the current iPhone 5 is $649.

Compared to some other modern smartphones, such as Google’s Nexus 4 which sold for $300 off contract (it’s currently sold out), the iPhone is a bit…not cheap. So it is a fairly sensible idea to introduce a lower cost version of the product, which would undoubtedly appease a fairly significant market.

Source: Wall Street Journal via CNET