Apple has released a video showcasing how the new Mac Pro 2013 is made.  Within the footages, Apple’s management claimed they had to ‘pioneer entirely new [manufacturing] processes’ to produce the refreshed Mac Pro.


Externally, the Mac Pro 2013 is a shiny-looking thing that will stand out when placed next to a traditional desktop setup.  So in the video, Apple attempted to show off just how much effort was put into producing the shell.  The assembly line in the video is based in the USA, so a lot of the work has been offloaded onto robots, but elsewhere in the world similar work is probably still being done by human labor.

[youtube id=”IbWOQWw1wkM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

The new Mac Pro, if you haven’t already taken a quick look at it since the announcement, is a cylindrical in shape.  While the overall package of the new Mac Pro is smaller than previous gens, the new desktop unit will be more powerful than its predecessor.