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Apple desktops overtake Dell as most sought after computers this holiday season

Dell’s desktop computers have been the most sought after computers around the holiday season for quite some time now, this time around, Apple takes the lead.


Market research firm Parks Associates conducted a survey and in its report revealed that Dell’s desktop computers are no longer the most sought after this holiday season, Apple’s products have overtaken it, despite the fact that Dell’s offerings have ruled the survey in 2011 and 2012. On the other hand, Apple climbed up from third place in 2011 to second in 2012 and ultimately the first in 2013.

This makes Apple the most popular brand across certain crucial consumer electronics categories. Dell, however, is no longer the top desktop brand. Apple offers a number of devices for desktop users. Its iMac all-in-one received a major design overhaul in 2012. This year, Apple quietly updated its iMac lineup with Intel Haswell processors and PCI-E based flash storage, no design changes were made this year. Moreover, the company is gearing up to release its premium Mac Pro computer this month and it has already been selling the mid-range Mac Mini for a while now.

According to the survey, Apple is also leading set-top boxes this holiday season. The company’s Apple TV is the most sought after set-top box, being trailed by the popular Roku TV.

Source: Parks Associates

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