We finally know why Dev Center was down for the past three days.

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An unspecified intruder hacked into Apple’s Dev Center on Thursday; they were successful in gaining access to names, mailing addresses and email address of “some” accounts, according to an email sent out to developers with Apple Developer Program Memberships. Only developer accounts have been affected, thankfully, so standard iTunes accounts – the sort that your grandparents use for download apps and movies – are completely safe.


In order to ensure this doesn’t occur again, Apple is rebuilding the Dev Center back-end, with new server software, and an overhauled database.

Concerned iOS / OS X devs anxious to access Dev Center should know that Apple has refrained from given any specific ETA for the website’s return.

Until then, we recommend developers to tighten up security for the email address associated with their developer account.

Usernames, their mailing and email addresses does come under sensitive private information for most of us. Why was it not encrypted the way other “sensitive information” – as Apple calls it in their email – is saved on their servers?

via TechCrunch