Following the launch of Apple’s hotly anticipated iTunes Radio service, it is now believed that the company is planning on integrating internet radio stations in the service. Apple has asked independent internet based radio stations to submit their cover art for future use.


For well over a year, the rumor mill has been filled with rumors about the iRadio service. It was said to be Apple’s very own Pandora competitor, and that it exactly what it turned out to be. Back at WWDC 2013 in June, Apple finally unveiled iTunes Radio, which lets users listen to songs that the company has made available through expensive licensing deals with record labels. iTunes Radio will be released for the public in the coming months.

Apple allows users to listen to internet radio stations through the iTunes software on Windows and Mac computers. It appears that internet radio support might be added to iTunes Radio as well. Apple has sent a letter to the radio stations, asking them to provide cover art made according to the guidelines they’ve defined. The company has informed them that currently such cover art is not shown to users any where, so its evident that they are accepting submissions for future use.

Right now it can not be said when and how internet radio stations will be integrated in to iTunes Radio, perhaps it might happen a short while prior to the public release of Apple’s very own music streaming service.

Source: [Macrumors]