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Apple falls behind Sony, Samsung and Microsoft in recent customer experience survey

The third annual Forrester Research survey finds that Apple has slipped behind these companies for the first time.


Forrester Research has been conducting a survey to gauge customer opinions about popular consumer electronics companies for three years, Apple has almost always been at the top as opposed to the competition, no doubt being the envy of its rivals. However, the most recent survey finds that consumer opinions have changed significantly, with Apple now being ranked behind the likes of Samsung, Microsoft and even Sony. 7,500 consumers in the U.S. were surveyed, they were asked three questions, and then each company was assigned a customer-experience index score based on those answers.

Ratings of these companies were also divided into various categories, based on their method of interaction with customers. Forrester made distinctions between the experience of buying Amazon’s own Kindle products as opposed to buying products listed by other merchants on Amazon. The online retailer scored the highest among 17 consumer electronics manufacturers with a 91 percent “excellent” rating for Kindle customers.

Sony sits behind Amazon with an 83 percent rating, Microsoft and Samsung trail at 82 percent. Apple brings up the rear with an 81 percent rating. Interesting to note all three companies were behind Apple in last year’s survey. Even if the rating is not excellent, Forrester states that any rating between 76 and 85 is thought to be “good.”

Source: WSJ

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