Here’s a we-told-you-so development, Apple filed an application for ‘iWatch‘ trademark in Japan. Enough said.

Apple iWatch concept

When every company is either openly, or secretly working on a Smartwatch of its own, what do you, being a mobile device making company do? Why, you make your own Smartwatch of course! Apple filed for an application for ‘iWatch‘ trademark in Japan… And we totally saw this coming.

Yahoo Japan noticed that the Cupertino company applied for the ‘iWatch‘ trademark on the 3rd of June. We don’t find this very surprising, especially after the statement made by Tim Cook at WDDC which expressed the company’s interest in wearable computing devices.

Apple iWatch trademark Japan

Of course, as of now this is just the filing of a trademark. The launch of the actual product, whether the company is indeed actively working on its development, and whether if such a device will actually see the light of day are all unanswered questions. Hopefully the next couple of months clears the dust. Till then, I can keep hoping that Apple makes a Smartwatch, much like the genuinely innovative Smartwatch 2 announced by Sony just last week.

via Yahoo Japan, Bloomberg


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