Book lovers can now indulge in the pleasure of gifting books through Apple’s iBookstore, available on iOS and OS X.


Apple offers some of the most comprehensive repositories of content, be it music, movies, TV shows, apps or even books. The iTunes Store offers a wide variety of content which can be downloaded through respective repositories, such as the App Store and the iBookstore. While users have been able to gift iTunes content for a long time, Apple never allowed them to gift books, until now. iBookstore finally supports gifting of books.

The procedure to gift books through iBookstore is quite similar to how users would gift other iTunes content. Locate a specific title that is being gifted, open the drop down menu and click on the “Gift” option, it can be accessed via the share button on iOS devices. Enter the recipient’s information, pay in the next step and that’s that.

As previously mentioned, the ability to gift books through iBookstore is available on both iOS and Mac OS X. It hasn’t been long since Apple brought its book repository for Mac machines, it was added with the release of OS X 10.9 Mavericks a couple of months back. iBookstore has been available on iOS since 2010.

Source: AppleInsider