Apple iPad

According to Apple, the iPad will go on sale on 3 April in US, and will take preorders from 12 March (this Friday). But that is the Wi-Fi model; the 3G model is scheduled to be available end of April. No news as to when the iPad will reach Singapore though.

On Friday, Apple announced that the iPad would go on sale on April 3 in the US. Users who want to pre-order can put in their claim on March 12.

The April 3 date only applies to the Wi-Fi-only models. If you’re holding out for the 3G versions, you’ll have to wait until late April. Customers outside the U.S. —Apple specifically mentions Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, and the U.K.— will have to wait until late April for either model.

Pricing for those countries is still unknown, though Apple said that it would be announced in April. The company also said that the iPad would ship in additional countries later this year, so if you’re not in one of the above locations, keep your fingers crossed.

On March 12, customers will be able to either pre-order either the Wi-Fi or 3G models from the Apple online store, or they can put their dibs down on a Wi-Fi model and pick it up from their local Apple Store. As previously announced, the Wi-Fi models will run US$499 for 16GB, US$599 for 32GB, and US$699 for 64GB, while the respective models including 3G will cost US$629, US$729, and US$829.

Source: Macworld