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Apple iPads make their way on to JetBlue flight decks

Hot on the heels of American Airlines roll out of iPads to all of its pilots, JetBlue announced today that its pilots will too be making use of Apple’s iconic tablets on the flight deck, from now on. 


JetBlue says that they are training all of their pilots to use three core apps, which will help them with pre-flight planning and provide real-time weather, digital airport and aircraft charts information. Their tablets will also be linked with satellite Wi-Fi powered by LiveTV, which will enable them to download all the information that they need swiftly. This means that JetBlue pilots will no longer have to carry laptops or paper manuals and charts, which are quite bulky. This translates in to less weight on every flight which results in fuel savings (a few cents maybe).

American Airlines is currently the only major airline in the world that has replaced flight bags with iPads. The airline believes it will significantly reduce the risk of pilots’ back injuries, not to mention the fact that their paper usage will be significantly cut down as well. It was one of the first airlines to receive approval from the FAA to use iPads during the flight, on the flight deck.

The FAA is also expected to make changes for passengers in its rules, passengers might be soon allowed to use various e-readers and iPads during takeoff and landing. This is currently not allowed.

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