iPhone 5

With the launch of the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 5 drawing closer each day, it looks like there a new batch of iPhone cases have been spotted even before the phone is available. From the looks of the cases, it hints at the iPhone 5 may be adopting a Macbook Air-like "Tear drop" design.

Yes, it looks like another new batches of Apple cases have been spotted in China. Unlike the ones that were reported from a company in Shenzhen, China, which have thinner form factor and larger display, the latest cases showed that the iPhone 5 may have a "Tear Drop" design, which is similar to the Macbook Air. The cases have a thinner point closer to the home button end of the iPhone and it looks to become thicker as you go up the body to the camera and power button. This may mean that the phone could be adopting a Macbook Air-inspired design. From the reports, the cases are currently in mass production, though it is still unknown whether they are designed for the new iPhone 5, iPod Touch or even a new device from Apple. Let's wait and see.

Source: Giz-China