A new report says that the Apple iPhone 5 is alone responsible for consuming 40% of all web traffic used by 4G enabled phones.

iPhone 5 4G

A new report, based on a research done by mobile ad network Chitika, reveals that 40% of all web traffic generated by 4G Smartphones is actually consumed by the Apple iPhone 5.

  • Apple iPhone 5 accounts for 76% of all 4G data consumed by 4G enabled Smartphones released since July 2012.
  • Apple iPhone 5 accounts for 40% of all 4G data consumed when taking into account every 4G enabled phone there is.

More of Chitika’s data shows that the iPhone 5 dominates Samsung phones in web data consumption by a 3:1 margin. Previous reports have already declared the Apple iPad as the leader in data consumption amongst all tablets (not very hard to believe, Apple sells the maximum number of tablets on the market, i.e. the iPads).

iPhone 5 4G mobile traffic

The same study, based off the impressions of millions of ads, also reveals that 70% of all mobile web traffic in North America comes from 3G enabled devices. What does this mean? While 4G penetration has been successful, it still has a long way to go before it becomes the dominant and primary network in use. Owning to the rather strong demand in 4G handsets by Americans, and seeing new and budget 4G handsets being released for extremely low prices (on-contract, as low as $49), 4G data consumption will only continue to rise.

Source: Chitika via Electronista