With the upcoming WWDC 2011 happening early next month, there have been more speculations and rumors about the iPhone 5. It was said that the highly-anticipated phone could be announced in August, and go on retail on 13 September. Read on for the details.

Even though Steve Jobs have kept mum on any details about the new iPhone 5, test centres, OEM parts manufacturers and operators have revealed a little of what they know about the new handheld. According to Gene Munster, managing director and senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray, the next generation iPhone could be announced on 24 August, and goes on retail on 13 September.

The dates information isn't leaked from Apple, but Munster revealed that based on the company's habit, it is approximately 79 days interval from Apple iOS update to the new iPhone hardware; and 99 days from the software distribution to the exact date of sales.

This means that if Apple is going to announce the new version of iOS at WWDC on 6 June, it will be on 24 August for the official announcement and 13 September for the retail date. Hopefully, if this is true, there will not be any more delay on the new iPhone 5.