Apple iPhone 5

Everyone is eagerly waiting to see when the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 will be launched, with rumors suggesting the launch to be in September. And from recent news sources, it seems that the long-awaited phone could be scheduled for a launch before 4 October. Read on.

Former Apple marketing chief, John Martellaro, has expressed that Apple isn't all keeping quiet about their new products, but the company has carefully and purposely plan of releasing certain relevant information to the media as part of their marketing effort. This time, the rumor comes from the American telco AT&T. According to a leaked memo, the company will be making some adjustments on the mobile insurance of the Apple iPhone and other devices from 17 July till 4 October. Previously, it was US$9 and now it will be adjusted between US$4.99 to US$6.99 (and probably increase of monthly prices).

The question is, why should anyone be concerned as to AT&T choosing this period to adjust their mobile insurance? If you recalled, this period overlaps that of the rumored launch month (which is September), and it would seem logical that the iPhone 5 would be launched before the 4 October deadline.