Earlier rumours indicated a September 10th launch for the next generation iPhone, but now it looks like Apple will launch both the iPhone 5S and 5C together on October 25th. It is estimated that the fifth iteration of the Apple iPad and the Apple iPad mini 2 will also make their debut alongside the new iPhones.

iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S is set to feature a camera with F2.0 aperture, similar to the HTC One. The 8 MP variant is said to come with dual-LED flash, and will be better at taking images in low-light conditions. The iPhone 5S is likely to feature the A7 chip that is manufactured by TSMC. Also, the home button might double as a fingerprint scanner.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5C is said to be the first low-cost iPhone, and will be made of plastic. It is going to come in a variety of colour combinations, like the Lumia series by Nokia. The device is targeted to boost Apple’s sales in the emerging markets, where budget Android devices are the norm.

The sources were correct in predicting last year’s launch date for the iPhone 5, so it should be interesting to see whether they will be right this time around.

Source: Techmaniacs (Greek)