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Apple iRing to replace smart TV controllers

As ridiculous as this may sound, an analyst is predicting that Apple will make an iRing—a remote control replacement for controlling and navigating Apple’s rumored smart TV.

(A possible concept of Apple's iRing.)

Suddenly, Apple is now an accessory mogul on top of its already established consumer tech business.  According to an analyst from Topeka Capital Markets, the Cupertino, California-based innovator of the iPhone will introduce the iRing.  How the analyst came up with the name is as muddy as mountain spring water.

The iRing “will be placed on a user’s finger and act as a navigation pointer for ‘iTV’, enhancing the motion detection experience and negating some of the functionality found in a remote,” claimed the analyst.

Reports from various investment firms and industry specialists are predicting that growth of the smartphone market will slow down drastically within the next couple years.  Apple, as we all know, is a major player in the smartphone business with its iPhone.  Spinoff products like the iPad and iPod have also been very successful in the market place for Apple.  However, as the market for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones become saturated, Apple has shifted some of its attention and resources away from core products like the iPhone to develop rumored products like the iWatch.

The iRing is certainly a twist for Apple, but anything with the lowercase “i” associated with it must be amazing, and will scream “take my money!” when it hits retail.  What do you think? Will Apple open up an iAccessories store soon?


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