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Apple iWatch reportedly facing a slew of battery, display and manufacturing issues

A new report claims there are quite a number of issues getting in the way of Apple’s rumored smartwatch.


All throughout last year it was constantly rumored that Apple is jump on the wearable technology bandwagon. The first wearable device that Apple is expected to unveil is a smartwatch which is commonly referred to as the iWatch. Now there’s no confirmation from the company that such a device exists, but as per rumors, the trial production of this device is underway but it is plagued by a few problems. Apple is said to be debating on what screen technology to use that would work best with regards to battery life. The smartwatch is reportedly plagued with battery issues as well and the manufacturing process is apparently being hampered by poor yield rates.

Previous rumors suggest that Apple might use an OLED display for the iWatch, but the new report claims that the company is going back and forth on the screen technology due to battery concerns. The smartwatch is said to sport a 100mAh battery at this stage, comparable to the 105mAh battery found in the sixth generation iPod nano. Rumor has it that the battery is only able to provide power for a couple of days, while Apple is looking to expand it to four to five days at the very least.

This isn’t the first time it has been said that manufacturing issues are slowing down trial production of the iWatch. It is believed that finish treatments for the smartwatch’s body are tricky which are resulting in poor yield rates that are not up to Apple’s mark. Despite all of these issues, it is still believed that Apple will be able to launch iWatch in 2014.

Source: The Information

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