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Apple to launch an 8GB iPhone 5c on March 18th

Leaked carrier documents and images confirm that Apple is planning to launch an 8GB version of the iPhone 5c.


Apple is possibly looking to boost sales of its colorful iPhone with the launch of an 8GB model, priced 60 euros lower than the 16GB iPhone 5c.

The lower-end model will reportedly be unveiled through a press release, and according to leaked carrier documents, launch as early as tomorrow on German carrier O2 for 509 Euro. A leaked image of the device’s retail box pretty much confirms that it exists – it will be available in all the iPhone 5c colors, and could become the new entry-level iPhone model. It’s unclear what will happen to the iPhone 4s; it will likely be discontinued, or at least replace the iPhone 4 which was recently relaunched by Apple in markets like Brazil and India.

The iPhone 5c was envisioned as a cheaper version of Apple’s iconic smartphone for those that didn’t want to spend on the more powerful flagship model, but reports have suggested that the Cupertino company hasn’t been able to push too many units to consumers, with more than 3 million units in unsold inventory taking up space in factories and carrier stores. Apple is likely banking on the 8GB iPhone 5c to turn things around, though whether it can turn the plastic iPhone into a bestseller remains to be seen.

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