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Apple launches online store on Tmall, China’s e-commerce juggernaut

Apple has launched an official online storefront on China’s major e-commerce portal, Tmall.


It has been rumored time and again that Apple wants to increase its market share in China, because its a very lucrative market. The company is certainly on the road to achieve its aim given that it was finally able to close a deal with the country’s, and the world’s, largest mobile carrier China Mobile. Apple also has official retail stores in the country and its online store functions as well. In a bid to further increase potential sales, Apple has now launched a storefront on Tmall, one of the largest e-commerce websites in China, owned by Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce giant.

Tmall plays host to more than 70,000 merchants and has been around since 2008. Its not known for sure exactly when Apple launched its storefront on Tmall, but the page is live now and am Alibaba representative has also confirmed its existence. The page’s design is similar to Apple’s own Chinese online store. The third sales channel may very well improve Apple’s chances of further penetrating into the Chinese market as it seeks to compete with the local vendors as well as Samsung, which already has an official presence on Tmall.

Even though the design is similar to its own online store, all payments will be routed through Tmall, which charges a deposit fee as well as a commission on sales from merchants.

Source: WSJ

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