You know the rumor that emerged on the web less than 24 hours ago about Apple planning to equip the next-gen iPad mini with an A6 chip, but a non-Retina display? Apparently, it’s nothing but an unsubstantiated rumor.


That is, if you happen to trust The Wall Street Journal and the online publication’s confidential sources. I do, especially that, with the uber-cool Nexus 7 2 out and about and Amazon’s next Kindle Fires shaping up to be really spectacular, I think we can all agree a “mid-range” iPad mini 2 would be suicide for Apple.

But the word about the upcoming iPad mini boasting a Retina panel after all is not the most intriguing nugget of info you can find in WSJ’s latest report. What’s more surprising is that apparently Apple will look towards Sharp, LG and… Samsung to supply them with said high-res displays.

Wait, so does that mean Tim Cook and Sammy’s bosses are ready to bury the hatchet and forget about the silly patent war that’s been going on between the two tech giants for the past couple of years? Highly unlikely.


It’s just that, as cold as it might sound, business is business. As WSJ notes, Apple needs an iPad mini with a Retina display after Google’s N7-2 introduction. And it needs to be able to handle a demand that’s likely to still be strong. On that note, there are only a handful of reliable panel makers Cupertino can seek help from.

Meanwhile, Samsung doesn’t really need Apple, but why turn down good money from an old and, with regards to just this part of the business, trusted partner? Plus, I reckon seeing a fierce enemy being dependent of your services has to be as funny as a barrel of monkeys.

Via [Wall Street Journal]