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Apple lives in a vacuum in its new iPhone commercial

While its competitors spend ample screen time comparing themselves to Apple in their commercials, Apple stands alone in new iPhone ad.


 Apple’s competitors would like to let you know why their products beat the iPhone or iPad in every possible metric.

Microsoft’s ads have focused on why its Windows tablets are for doing not talking, portraying the iPad mini as a device best suited for playing chopsticks and having mindless conversations with Siri rather than watching videos or working with Office documents.

Samsung’s trolly commercials take aim at Apple fanboyism, portraying Apple’s users as caught in the company’s cult of personality, ignoring the better and cheaper smartphone options available to them.

But Apple lives alone. Even though the company has taken second place to Samsung in the smartphone wars, it doesn’t take swipes at the market leader in its new commercial. It just hypes the virtues of its iPhone.

This is strange; every marketing rulebook would say that anyone who’s not the market leader should take swipes at the firm that is. But this is Apple we’re talking about, master of the reality distortion field. In their world, they still own the market. Samsung and others be damned.

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