Apple iPad 2

Rumors have been going around as to whether Apple's upcoming iPad will come with Retina display. And it looks like the company intends to incorporate that on the tablet device with news reports stating that Apple is looking for new backlight solution to maintain or strengthen the level of brightness.

According to Digitimes, LED back-light unit (BLU) vendors have reportedly offered Apple two alternative backlight solutions for its next-generation iPad. The sources said that the single LED light bar for the iPad 2 (1024×768 resolution) display isn't able to handle the upcoming iPad 3's retina display, and therefore the solution would either be using dual LED light bars or keep the light bar in a single-bar form factor but with two LED chips; the iPad 3 is expected to adopt LCD panels with resolutions higher than 2048×1536 pixels. The Apple iPad 3 is rumored to launch in March 2012 with a slimmer design and minor update.

Source: Digitimes