Mac App Store

Apple has their App store for the iPod, iPad and iPhone, and from online news sources, the company will be launching their Mac App store next week. You can purchase the software like iPhoto, GarageBand and iMovie, and developers can also submit their software for sale on the App store (after review).

The Apple Mac App Store will be launching next week, and if sources are correct, it will be launched on 13 December (Monday). If you go to the Apple website, you will see that the Mac App Store web page is already up, but has the “Coming Soon” tag.

Just like the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, this one lets you download Mac apps easily to your Mac machines. The apps are categorized according to their genre – games, productivity, music etc – and simply choose the one you want to purhcase it.

Developers can also create their apps for the Mac App store, though they have to go through the procedure of submitting first for review/approval first. According to sources, beta, demo and trial versions of the developed software are not allowed to be on the Mac App Store.

Source: ComputerWorld