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Apple may not ship reversible USB cables with iPhone 6

The company is reportedly yet to place orders for the new cables.


A couple of weeks back it was first rumored that Apple is going to ship reversible USB Lightning cables with the iPhone 6. The company already has a patent to its name for such a USB cable. It would go a long way in eliminating user frustration as there would be no need to plug in the cable in a particular way. Being reversible would mean that it could be plugged into the port either way, thus making things easier for users who are trying to plug the cable in particularly in low light conditions or in hard to reach places.

A rumor has now surfaced online claiming that the reversible USB Lightning cables will not be shipped with the iPhone 6. Apparently the company’s manufacturing partner has only sent samples to Cupertino. Apple has reportedly not placed orders and even if it does right now, the manufacturer will require a couple of months to get enough units to Apple. Waiting for the new cables may very well push back the iPhone 6’s launch by a few months and that would be unacceptable for the company.

The possibility exists that Apple may wait until the next generation iPads to show off this reversible USB Lightning cables. Following the launch of its new tablets the cables would be sold online and in the company’s stores.

Source: Macrumors

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